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Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the routine admin tasks required for running your business?

Would you rather dedicate your time to focusing on growing your business and customer satisfaction?


Could you do with someone adequately skilled to efficiently deal with your admin tasks for you?  


Whether it be for just a few hours a month or day or two here and there, I can be as flexible as you or your business requires. Allowing you to scale up your level of resource as and when needed.  See more..

Do you have your  business processes  well defined and documented?   

Have you reviewed how your processes are affecting your bottom line?


Clearly defined business processes details the ways in which your operations are carried out to accomplish your intended business objectives. 


In order for any sized business to function efficiently and effectively, robust processes need to be in place.

If your business doesn't have well documented processes or if existing processes need to be improved, I can take care of that.    

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Hectic schedules and busy lifestyles leave little time and energy for managing the everyday tasks of day to day life.  


Do you find yourself struggling to balance your career, domestic and family responsibilities, social plans or other personal commitments?


Are you at the stage in your life where you could do with a helping hand to step in and take care of things for you when you just don’t have the time - or inclination?


You can now rest assured that the things you never had time for, or would rather not deal with, can now get done because I can take care of that too with my Lifestyle Management and Personal Concierge Service.   See more..




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My name is Shannon Douglas.  I first started working as a virtual assistant in the UK in 2013 and was commonly know as the 'ad hoc VA'.  I was a member of the Society of Virtual Assistants and the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants.  I returned home to New Zealand in 2015 and worked full time in administration and office management until early 2022. 


With all that has transpired due to the pandemic and with many businesses struggling to keep people on their payroll, I thought about small businesses, brave start-ups, solopreneurs and tradies struggling to manage all their admin responsibilities themselves, or with little resources.  I considered that many could probably do with a helping hand to take the pressure off, without having to have anyone on their payroll or other employment related costs, particularly in these current challenging times.  


I also considered busy full time professionals struggling to juggle their career alongside their domestic and other lifestyle responsibilities, as well as retirees, who could also do with a helping hand managing the everyday tasks of day to day life, that they may not have the time, ability or inclination to do themselves. 

So I decided to extend a helping hand, et voila!  Here is Ad Hoc VA, Business Support and Lifestyle Management / Personal Concierge services.

I have over 23 years experience in administration, office management, PA and process documentation/process improvement.  I have a kit full of many skills and experiences which you can check out on my LinkedIn profile.

I am based in Whangarei, and as the slogan goes I really do 'Love it Here!'   It doesn't matter where in New Zealand or the world you are located, as a 'virtual' assistant I can still take care of your needs from anywhere!

Tools of my trade

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I am sure that part of our success is due to the service we receive from Ad Hoc VA.  The convenience of having this flexibility and getting things done in a professional and efficient manner, without having to have anyone on the payroll is invaluable.”

Elinor Scranage

Sutton Cleaning Services




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